Winners of the festival

Dear participants, spectators and friends of the festival, the time has come to announce the winners of the 1st International Festival of Children’s and Youth Film MM Fest!

Grand prix for category “Films for children and youth”: THIS SIDE, OTHER SIDE, Lida Fazli, Islamic Republic of Iran

Grand prix of other categories: BETWEEN TWO, A DIARY, Daniella Schnitzer, France

Children’s creativity:
1. Novi Sad – children’s capital of culture, Children’s Cultural Center of Novi Sad and studio DOM, Serbia
2. Passt Schon, Children Of A Day Care Center Rahel Ferber, Germany
3. Grandma’s cactus, Studio KOMARFILM, Russian Federation

Creativity of young people:
1. Hair, Caroline Ching Xin Yin, Ng Zhi Xin, Singapore
2. Everything’s fine?, Vinod Ravindranathan, India
3. Easter gift, studio CHAIKA-STAIKA, Russian Federation

Student films:
1. Marbles, Natalia Spychala, Poland
2. Eklo, Dollet François, Mullier Lucas, Bertin Titouan, Dubois Lucas, Taillebuis Urvan, France
3. Balance, Timothée Crabbé, Belgium

Films for children and youth:
1. Blue and Malone: Impossible Cases, Abraham López, Spain
1. About our astronauts, Galina Golubeva, Russian Federation
2. Whiteland, Ira Elshansky, Russian Federation
2. Toby and the Turbobus, Verena Fels, Germany
3. The Weather Is Lovely, Chun-Chien Lien, China
3. The old an and the box, Miroslav LJ. Jelić, Serbia